Honouring His Vision

Since Sir John Charnley’s death in 1982, the Trust set up in his name continues to fund research, education and training in orthopaedics. It has made charitable grants of over £1.7 million to fund fellowships, lectures, seminars and conferences.

As one of the great orthopaedic pioneers, Sir John set the highest standards in surgical technique, implant design, infection control and patient care. His teaching is as relevant today as it ever was. The Trust’s work continues this legacy, aiding research and study projects throughout the field of bone and joint surgery.

John Charnley in the operating theatre

While continuing to support clinical research, The John Charnley Trust now wishes to improve patient education about joint replacement procedures. In 2004, it set up
a programme to deliver high quality patient information services to healthcare providers in the form of exhibitions, websites, presentations and printed materials.

This new initiative provides patients with the information they need to be well-informed about their surgery. The aim is to communicate the benefits, risks and uncertainties of surgery in an accessible and engaging way. Using innovative educational materials it will describe in detail the stages of the patient’s stay in hospital.

The first project is at Wrightington Hospital, where Sir John Charnley did his important work in developing the artificial hip. The Patient’s Journey uses interactive displays, animation, video, sound and graphics in the new hospital foyer to provide relevant information. It continues Sir John’s tradition of putting the patient first.

Hip Histories, also at Wrightington Hospital, is an exhibition in Sir John's biomechanics laboratory providing a unique insight into his pioneering work.

The John Charnley Trust will go on funding clinical research and training and working in partnership with hospitals to improve their patient information services without diverting funds from clinical budgets.

To carry on this valuable work the Trust needs your help to ensure that Sir John’s life and work continues to reward us all. Please support us.


Sir John Charnley
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