Dr Hugh Howorth

A successful businessman, Hugh worked with Sir John Charnley in designing the clean air operating theatre and body exhaust system and manufactured the components.

Hugh recalls discussing the task of developing the clean air operating theatre and comparing it with "modelmaking".

He died in July 2004, the Charnley-Howorth Unit having been long adopted thoughout the world.


  • Managing Director of Howorth Air Conditioning Limited, Bolton

A longer version of this interview can be seen at Wrightington Hospital in Hip Histories. The exhibition is set in Sir John Charnley's biomechanics laboratory and tells the story of his pioneering work in orthopaedic surgery.

Dr Hugh Howorth was interviewed by Dr Francis Neary.

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Working with John was stimulating.

We were a perfect pair of people with different disciplines, each stimulated by the other.

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Dr Hugh Howarth

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