Hip Histories

Set in Sir John Charnley's biomechanics laboratory at Wrightington Hospital, the Trust created a unique exhibition that charted the birth and development of modern Total Hip Replacement. This exhibition has now been moved to the Hip Centre due to hospital development.

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Visitors were able to look into the workshop that was still furnished with the machines that were used to meet Sir John's exacting demands. Across the corridor, test rigs used to develop Sir John's ideas were on display.

Other highlights included:

  • a faithful reconstruction of the first clean air operating theatre
  • countless exhibits charting the devlopment of the hip prosthesis

All within a spell binding atmosphere tinged with history.

A large portion of the collection is still on display in the Hip Centre and the Trust is actively seeking ways to create a fitting home for Sir John's work.

View of several test rigs in the biomechanics laboratory

Charnley in RAMC uniform in 1940


Test rig