Bursaries & Grants

The aims of the charity are:

  • The promotion of research into the field of human joint replacement and in particular that of Low Friction Arthroplasty of the hip.
  • The creation of research fellowships and the making of grants to enable young orthopaedic surgeons to visit centres of excellence in orthopaedic surgery.
  • The sponsorship of lectures, seminars and conferences to further the technique of Low Friction Arthroplasty pioneered by Sir John Charnley.
The Charnley Latta Travelling Scholarship

The John Charnley Trust are delighted to announce this new scholarship, the gift of Mrs Doreen Latta, a patient who underwent reconstructive surgery at Wrightington
Hospital and thereafter had over 30 years of pain-free walking and led a normal life.

Applications are invited for this unique opportunity to visit centres of excellence in reconstructive hip and knee surgery world wide.

In line with the aims of The John Charnley Trust, applicants must be committed orthopaedic surgeons. Any proposed centres must be approved by The John Charnley Trust which has had connections over many years with centres of excellence both national and international.

Applications to:
McMillan & Co LLP,
Secretaries of The John Charnley Trust,
28 Eaton Avenue,
Matrix Office Park,
Buckshaw Village,
Lancashire PR7 7NA

Telephone: 01772 299888
Fax: 01772 451000
Email: douglas@mcmillanaccountants.com

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